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Top 10 Online Career Opportunities in Ghana

top 10 online career opportunities in ghana

There are many online career opportunities available now but in this article, we are going to focus more on the top 10 online career opportunities in Ghana.

Online career opportunities are the most common career opportunities now, especially with the global population.

Many years ago, no one could work from home but due to the advancement of technology in time, online career opportunities are booming hence enabling one to work straight from home.

Even with just your phone (android or IOS) and a few apps, one can make money from home instead of wasting bundle on social media.

You don’t always have to watch skits and advertisements of others on social media for them to make money while you are home jobless.

You can also earn a career by just sitting home with your phone or computer (desktop or laptop) and your internet.

Surprised right? Yes, that’s all you need.

Online career can be on social media or other apps (applications) which enables one to make money.

Without much ado, let’s get right into the top 10 online career opportunities in Ghana and how one can make a living sitting from home.

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Online Career Opportunities

  • Online ESL (English as a Second Language) Teacher:

Surrounded by French-speaking countries, being an online ESL teacher pays off well.

Many companies employ ESL teachers without you being a teacher by profession or having any teaching certificate/experience.

All one needs is his/her bachelor’s degree or an alternative is a teaching certificate in TEFL/TESOL.

One needs a stable Internet connection, a laptop, tablet or phone equipped with a mic and headset, and a very quiet place to work.

The person must also be a native English speaker.

Depending on the company you are working for, the pay is mostly $13 – $14 per hour whereas top companies can pay up to $30 per hour.

Due to the flexibility in work schedule, one can teach both at night and on weekends.

Some of these companies that employ ESL teachers online are; teach Away, ESL Base, Transitions Abroad, and Go Overseas amongst many others.

Skill Set Needed

  1. Native English speaker and good understanding of the English language.
  2. Though this is optional, teaching certificates like TEFL, TESOL, CELTA/DELTA will boost ones chances of being hired or ones salary if they’re new to ESL teaching.
  3. Last but not the least, teaching experience.
  • Graphic Design:

Due to the professionally designed documents, flyers, PowerPoint presentations, emails, social media images, websites, etc., there are loads of work available for talented graphic designers.

Having skills with applications such as Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and PowerPoint, one can easily find an online graphic design job.

Having samples works from the past also helps a lot.

One can earn $25-$40 per hour as a beginner whereas experienced designers can earn up to $100 per hour or charge based on the project.

Some of these websites are UpWork and Freelancer.

Skill Set Needed

  1. Good understanding of user interface and user experience.
  2. Good understanding of designing tools such as Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and PowerPoint.
  3. Have knowledge in Prototyping, mockups, and wire framing.
  • Video Editor:

Due to loads of demand from businesses to create engaging videos for their websites, social media, and YouTube channels, video editing has now become a hot online trend and is open for freelancers.

With a fair knowledge of Adobe Premiere and other editing software’s, you can earn between $25 to $35 an hour as a beginner, and over $50 per hour if you’re experienced.

You can monetize your own YouTube channel if you have ideas that are worth sharing.

Many vloggers edit films of themselves talking about cosmetics, makeup, video games, etc. while earning money through the YouTube Partner Program.

This doesn’t need any skills set, all one needs is creativity and a bit of experience.

  • Social Media Manager:

With the rate at which social media is dominating the market now, most companies no longer focus much on an advertisement on TV or radio but social media.

Being very tedious work to do from frequently posting on multiple social media channels, responding to messages, engaging with the audience through comments, etc.

One can easily find many listings for social media manager positions online.

You can also reach out to companies with small numbers of followers on their social media accounts.

Social media managers earn between $15 -$50 per hour, or you can earn a monthly salary.

Skill Set Needed

  1. You need to be conversant with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc.
  2. You need to have good content writing skills including content management system like WordPress.
  3. Finally you need to have an understanding of the SEO and website traffic analytics as well as basic knowledge on HTML and CSS.
  • Freelance Writer/Copywriter:

The demand for writers has shot up as companies/organizations need new content, blog articles, website copy, and product descriptions on their e-commerce channels.

Many small sites hire freelance writers and content creators for their websites or blogs whereas big companies have in-house writers for their content.

One can easily be hired if he/she has some writing samples or a solid portfolio to include in his/her resume.

Depending on your location, writing quality, and who you’re writing for, you may earn at least $100 per 1,000-word article.

For landing page copy, you can earn up to $1,000 per finished piece or less based on the fierce competition these days.

  • Virtual Assistant:

Virtual Assistant mainly helps with administrative tasks and keeping things organized online.

The duties of a virtual assistant vary totally from a secretary as the virtual assistant works from home, schedules appointments, makes phone calls, makes travel arrangements and manages email accounts as well.

Depending on the years of experience and who a virtual assistant is working for, the person can charge $15-$35 per hour.

Based on the flexibility of the job, some virtual assistants take on multiple clients to earn a very attractive salary.

Websites one can find a job on being a virtual assistant is up to work and Fiverr.

Skill Set Needed

  1. Must be familiar with industry-standard communication and collaboration tools such as Word-processing, spreadsheets, Google Drive and Dropbox.
  2. Must also be familiar with email services such as Gmail, Audio and video conferencing software such as Skype, Zoom and Google Hangouts.
  • Customer Service Representative and Support:

Customer service representatives to answer the phone or email to assist customers and process orders.

You need to have a computer and specific software or equipment provided by the company.

You also need to have a good phone voice, friendly attitude, and patience to work with a variety of customers.

You can find shifts at various hours with companies that offer 24/7 customer service.

According to, a customer service representative earns around $30,000 per year or less.

With all these, one can find work with top employers like GE Digital, H&R Block, Hulu, J.M. Smucker, Infosys, Intel, KForce, PNC Bank, RICOH USA, Sprint, TEKSystems, etc. not forgetting Google.

  • Software Developer:

A software developer is simply someone who creates computer software.

They are the best freelancing jobs one can get online and they pay lucratively.

They are also in high demand as companies seek to get software’s which can easily be accessible and promote their services to customers.

In 2018, the US Bureau of labour statistics, calculated the Median Pay of a web developer to be around $69,430 per year.

This has resulted in the creation of numerous online courses throughout the Internet to enhance one’s career in becoming a web developer.

Some popular jobs for online software developers can be located on these websites; up work, Indeed and Jooble amongst many others.

  • Blogger:

A Blogger writes for his/her online website and monetizes it by affiliating adverts on the website.

Building an audience and keeps growing it with content every time.

At the beginning of a blog, you do not make any money from it but as it grows and time goes by, you begin to make money.

It also requires time, attention and loads of content at first, it is similar to a freelance writer but different.

Skill Set Needed

  1. Good content writing
  2. Content management and tool (WordPress etc.)
  • Transcriptionist:

This is someone who is very specialized in documentation with good typing skills and grammar.

With transcription, all one needs to do is convert audio into text.

This job requires patience and serious training.

Once you become a transcriptionist, you can work anywhere with just your computer and probably a pair of headsets.

Popular websites with transcription job include TranscribeMe and Scribie which pays around $15 to $25 per audio hour.


We hope from the above listed top 10 online career opportunities, you can find an online job that best suits you.

There are more online career opportunities that will be made available in our next article but these are the top 10 online career opportunities and also most paid online careers for interested people.

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