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International Job Opportunities | 2022

International Job Opportunities

International job opportunities come along with travelling outside the comfort zone of an individual who is willing to pursue an international career.

Regardless, having international recognition on your CV serves as a boost for future employments.

Working overseas proves that you are independent and flexible.

International organizations often require a relevant degree with a few years of professional working experience, not forgetting how fluent you are with the English Language and at least one other language.

Whereas, in obtaining a career opportunity, other organizations also set an age limit for entry-level posts.

International job opportunities are in high demand in a few specific countries like the USA, UK, China, France and Australia amongst others.

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Countries with High Demands in International Job Opportunities

United State of America:

This is a country which is rich when it comes to science and technology.

America has high demands for employment in almost every field.

The country has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world providing jobs in all sectors including the education sector.

The opportunity job index of America has risen to 75.59% over the years.

United Kingdom:

Also known as Great Britain, the country has provided a stable and nurturing environment for individuals to settle there and pursue better job opportunities.

The country’s job index has reached 73.75% concerning the creation of job opportunities internationally.

Some of the sectors with high demands include technology, media and IT advancements.


When it comes to France, not only people outside Europe but within Europe also go there in search of better job opportunities.

With high demands of employment in sectors like the fashion industry, education and teaching, Information technology services, medical sciences and architecture, France can be considered to have fulfilled its requirement in terms of employment.

The opportunity job index of France has also risen to 75.36 which is almost close to the existing world superpower, the USA.


Netherland is also considered as one of the richest countries in Europe with regards to the number of job opportunities it provides.

They also provide good incentives and accommodation which makes it easier for one to work there.

The average index of job opportunities there has risen to 74.63% over the years.

Netherlands mark their success with more manpower and better-qualified individuals working there.


This is considered a whole continent on its own with vast regional diversity.

It is based on their diversity that numerous sectors invite individuals to work for them.

Sectors with high demand in Australia include agriculture, infrastructure, IT, industry and medical sciences.

They have an average Job opportunity index of 77.46% which indicates that the country has a lot of vacancies.

These vacancies are enough to meet the job demands of Australian nationals as well as foreigners.

United Arab Emirates:

UAE is one of the fast-developing countries in the world in the 21st century.

Due to the country’s expansion and establishment of new organizations, the country has unleashed hundreds of job opportunities for individuals all over the world.

UAE lacks their team of experienced or highly qualified individuals, thereby, providing job opportunities for people from other countries with such qualifications. As of now, the country’s job opportunity index is 78.83%.


As one of the emerging superpower countries in the world, China is considered a nation of billions and still growing.

The country is self-dependent in each sector of production, from agriculture to pharmaceuticals, industry and technology, medical and business, etc.

This is why the Chinese economy is strong enough to provide a few job opportunities for skilled and qualified workers.

China has currently shown the opportunity job index of an average of 74years


Mexico lies on the border of the United States of America and has some job opportunities for local individuals as well as foreigners too.

Currently, Mexico has index job opportunities of 73.42%.

In as much as it is a small country, it has opened multiple venues to work and earn a very attractive salary.

However, jobs with minimum pay are more common than those with higher pay.

Hong Kong:

Hong Kong provides a whole new world of international job opportunities for skilled professionals and also individuals with low qualifications.

The private sector in Hong Kong provides a wide range of opportunities in the field of biotechnology, technology, and information technology.

Whereas the Government sector provides adequate jobs to qualified and experienced individuals.

The opportunity job index of Hong Kong is the second highest with 80.73% according to the latest analysis.


Singapore is one of the few countries rich in economic stability.

The country has been able to sustain a better system of employment.

Qualified individuals mostly gain employment within the industrial sector in this country.

Being quite excellent in the IT sector and mobile phone technology, they turn to create more job opportunities.

Also, their average job index rate has risen to 82.56% over the years.

Before embarking on a job hunt internationally to any of the countries listed above, you also need to consider certain key factors about foreign employment. Some of which include;

The latest update of your country of choice should be the first thing to consider before taking up a post abroad is the situation and update of the country.

This covers everything from the political stability of the country all through to the current health issues or natural disaster probabilities amongst others.

For example, countries that have been affected by a natural calamity like earthquake lately and are yet to be addressed or taken care of isn’t a good option.

Language barriers are the second most important thing to consider when travelling abroad.

It’s very important to know and understand the language of the country.

If nothing at all due to time limit or difficulty in learning a new language, one must at least know the basics and have the attitude to learn.

Understanding the country’s language and responding to them will make your stay much more comfortable and efficient.

Knowing about the opportunity alone is not good enough.

You need fair knowledge about your future employer before relocating.

A good employer will make life much easier for you in a foreign country.

A good company or employer will take care of you when it comes to accommodation, laws of the country and taxes.

Finally, an employer who values humans and doesn’t discriminate or isn’t a racist is very important as that employer looks out for his/her employees best interests.

Visa conditions must also be a top priority, as every country has its visa policies especially when it comes to working visas.

In many foreign countries, you need to have a work permit or visa to do a job legally.

There are some exceptions though.

For example, individuals from countries in the European Union (EU) do not need these permits or visas to work in other EU countries.

Also, individuals willing to settle permanently in countries like Australia and Canada has the advantage of the point-based system.

Employers usually take up the responsibility of getting you a work visa but to be sure about this, you can choose to visit the country’s embassy or website for more information.

Healthcare insurance of your country of choice must also be of utmost importance especially the cost. Without health insurance in foreign countries, medical bills can be very high in some countries.

Domestic health insurance does not cover your medical bills and expenses when you are working overseas.

Also, travel insurance only covers the medical expenses of leisure travel. For working abroad, you can get health insurance in several ways.

Some of the health insurance abroad include Employer-based insurance, public or private insurance etc.

One can gain more information on these insurance types by checking them online.

Before travelling overseas for work, find out whether the relocation cost and the cost of living is covered by the company.

Be it the exact amount and estimated amount, you need to know if this expense will be covered by the company or not.

Also, find out if the company compensates for relocation costs.

You can ask your employer if it’s not in your contract.

If your company is paying the relocation cost, then find out what your relocation budget entails.

Last but not the least, before going abroad, it’s vital that you know the compatibility of the country and the weather conditions involved.

Since you might be working there for years, you must adjust well to the weather of your workplace.

For example, if you can’t adjust to low weather conditions, then you shouldn’t opt for countries that have freezing weather most of the time as it will affect your hard work and effort negatively.

Now that you know the countries to go in search of international job opportunities and the factors to consider as well, let’s get right into the most in-demand and highly sought-after jobs abroad.

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1. Education

Teachers have now graduated into a highly competitive job market.

Finding a permanent teaching position abroad is somewhat easier than being close to home.

International and TEFL schools in the Middle East and Asia are hotspots for teachers.

TeachAway’s Job Board lists hundreds of teaching positions abroad, including opportunities with international schools, government programs, universities and language colleges in over 40 countries. These are the four main places to apply for teaching jobs.

• International schools

International schools offer a higher starting salary than the public school system.

International schools employ over half a million staff, especially in Asia and the Middle East.

You need a Bachelor degree, some teaching experience and the ability to demonstrate intercultural competence to qualify for such positions.

Teachers who specialize in secondary education subjects like physics, chemistry or computer science are often sought-after.

• Teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL)

With a complete TEFL certificate, even those with an undergraduate degree in any subject can teach English abroad.

With the right qualifications, teaching EFL is a very easy job to land.

These job positions normally come with packages such as relocation, housing and insurance.

Some employers also often help with visa procurement and costs.

This doesn’t mean it’s an easy job though as it can consist of long hours and sometimes lack of support from school administration, and the pupils can be quite demanding.

2. Tourism & Hospitality

Tourism is one of the world’s fastest-growing sectors responsible for over 300 million jobs globally.

Tourism and hospitality offer a few ample entry-level jobs. Although education and experience can be an added advantage, it’s not a requirement.

You can find work with hotels, restaurants, tour operators, travel agencies and even some non-profit organizations (NGOs).

The best way to find jobs in this sector depends on what type of job you’re looking for and your destination country.

3. International Development & Humanitarian Aid

For job seekers who want to travel around the world with a purpose, this is it.

International development and humanitarian aid is the best choice for you.

This is a career that allows for specialization towards the likes of disaster relief, conflict, agriculture, environmental sustainability, health, and women’s empowerment amongst many others.

Regardless of where you have a more specialized background and training, there’s a job for you.

However, international aid is very demanding and can take a toll on your physical and mental well-being.

Since it’s a growing secret, many graduates apply for entry-level positions hence having experience puts you at an advantage since it’s needed.

Also, applicants with Master’s or higher degrees tend to be preferred.

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), governments and multilateral organizations (like the UN), and research organizations turn out to be the main employers within the sector.

There are numerous websites available for finding international development jobs such as ReliefWeb, Devex Jobs,  DevNet and

4. Engineering, Construction & Energy

Just like software engineering and developers are toping in the in-demand profession, mechanical, civil and electrical engineers are not far behind either.

Experts in automation, robotics, mining and petroleum engineers are the most in-demand according to research.

You need a bachelor degree minimum, with a few years of experience when it comes to landing a position abroad.

You can approach a construction or engineering firm directly to find employment, but the best way is to work with a skilled recruitment agency.

If you’re already employed, you can check with your employer for postings or transfers overseas.

5. Healthcare

Medical professionals cannot be left out in the topmost wanted professions abroad.

Working in public healthcare isn’t the only option as places like cruise ships also need professional medical providers.

Aside from clinical roles, medical professionals are needed in international development and humanitarian relief, which includes nurses, physicians, midwives, and mental health specialists amongst others.

Having an international experience is an advantage as it boosts your resume together with your degree in the healthcare sector.

You can acquire this experience through volunteering, interning and studying abroad.

Just like the engineering jobs, you can apply directly through health providers.

But the best way is to work with a recruitment agency that specializes in placing medical personnel.

These recruitment agencies are often country-based, for example, and agency like Medacs has offices in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, the Middle East and Australia.


With almost every knowledge one requires to travel for international job opportunities explained in this article, one should be able to make a good choice with regards to the country and job he/she wants to do.

Make sure to have all your research accurate before travelling out for a job position to ask not to find yourself in an unwarranted situation.

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