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International Courier Services | Alao Bizzy Express Ghana

International Courier Services | Alao Bizzy Express Ghana

The need for international providers and new customers to reach out easily to an experienced shipping expert like Alao Bizzy Express has been captured in this article.

International courier services | Alao Bizzy Express happens to be one of the best economical shipping options ever, and the fastest service for urgent freights.

Alao Bizzy Express can also provide an organized shipment of any quality and quantity internationally.

Have you been faced with a situation where the only thing that comes to your mind as long as shipment is a concern is speed?

Then, Alao Bizzy Express offers an on-time express services, categorized with different options of delivery depending on the customer’s choice.

Whereas, there are also other customers who are considering the expensive nature of shipping an item from Ghana or to Ghana.

Yes, the economic solution to that thought would be put to an end, with Alao Bizzy Express.

About Alao Bizzy Express

Founded in 2011, Alao Bizzy Express has been in the business of providing door-to-door courier and logistic services including clearing and forwarding for over 10 years.

The mission is to make buying as well as selling easier for customers and ensuring both the buyer and the seller are satisfied.

Alao Bizzy Express door-to-door courier services are classified as one of the highly competitive rates for international parcel delivery.

Amongst freight forwarders, Alao Bizzy Express is unique in terms of customer’s service and also techniques in getting in touch with an actual client.

However, Alao Bizzy Express continues to strive to ensure their services improve much better. In meeting up to the need of the customers continually, change is inevitable.

Therefore, adding new tools to make it easier to track and at the same time manage your orders is constantly reviewed.

International Courier Services | Alao Bizzy Express

The services rendered by Alao Bizzy Express are cut across West Africa. One of its major concerns as a courier service is speed and efficiency.

Therefore, if your business is revolved around shipping both locally and internationally and time has been a factor, then Alao Bizzy Express can be the most effective option.

Alao Bizzy Express goes as far as providing its customers with real-time tracking so you know exactly where your shipment would be per time.

Helplines are open to customers 24 hours to answer any question regarding shipment at Alao Bizzy Express.

Helplines: 0244780330; 0541424593;


Official Website:

Location: No. 34 Jones Nelson Road, Adabraka Accra.

Courier and Logistics within Ghana | Alao Bizzy Express

Shipping made easy was an initiative that was birthed by Alao prince Taofik, who happened to be a young entrepreneur with the desire to bridge the gap between sellers and buyers as well as delivering items respectively.

Delivering items to different parts of West Africa by ensuring swiftness and satisfaction has been the utmost desire of Alao Bizzy express.

In that regard, provisions for logistics to carry out successful deliveries within Ghana has been made available.

A countless number of motorbikes, vehicles, van, and trailers to move goods from one ends to another.

All dispatch riders are provided with a complete uniform that is recognized by the rules and regulations provided by the DVLA.

Alao Bizzy express also ensures that deliveries are done on time within Ghana as agents are positions in different regions.

Deliveries are done in less than 24 hours within Ghana. And a follow-up call to ensure that customers are satisfied with the services rendered.

In other words, all customers are treated equally, irrespective of gender and equality.

For deliveries within and outside Accra, you can call on; 0244780330 for more information.


Are you in any part of Ghana, contemplating on how to dispatch your items or goods to your prospective customers within and outside Ghana?

Here is the good news, Alao Bizzy Express would do justice to that. What you just have to do is to pick up any of the numbers listed above and give them a call.

Within the twinkle of an eye, you will see them at your doorstep. There are nurtured to serve their customers the expressway.

Alao Bizzy Express

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