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Information Technology | Career Opportunities 2022

information technology

Information Technology offers a wide range of career opportunities across the world and based on the digital trend at which we find ourselves, information technology | career opportunities is key.

In this 21st century, the world is fast evolving and information technology is now the dominant force in the working sector.

Almost everything now has at least not less than 30% information technology surrounding it.

The job opportunities available when it comes to information technology has a different emphasis, be it coding, hardware management, software application, and data science or systems management.

All career opportunities associated with information technology has a distinctive set of required skills and personal traits.

Therefore, we are going to enlighten you on the different career streams available in information technology in this article.

Whereas, at bizzyxprezz you can find several categories of career opportunities that might be of interest to you.

However, one cannot understand information technology without knowing what it means.

But before that, we will also explain what information is, what technology is before explaining what information technology is.

What is Information?

Information refers to facts provided about something or someone. When these facts are collected or stored on the computer, it becomes data.

What is Technology?

Technology refers to the scientific knowledge used for practical purposes, especially in the industrial sectors.

What is Information Technology?

Information technology is the study or use of systems in a company for safeguarding information, storing and sending of information which helps employees to work efficiently and also serves as security for business information.

Now knowing all the above-explained details on information technology, let’s dive into the career opportunities it provides.

Career Opportunities in Information Technology

  • Business Analyst:

This refers to a person who examines the systems of businesses to determine how to better achieve their goals.

Business analysts do not necessarily require programming skills but rather adapting skills since job requirements vary from company to company.

You need to obtain an entry-level position to become a business analyst and having business education together with information technology knowledge comes as an advantage.

Job titles attached to a business analyst include IT continuity risk analyst, manager (business systems maintenance), pre-sales customer technology strategist, reporting analyst, reporting and insights specialist, senior data business analyst, senior digital reporting analyst amongst many others.

  • Computer Service Technician:

A computer Service Technician is a person responsible for the repairs and maintenance of computer systems from hardware through to software.

Common tasks of a computer service technician include removing spyware and viruses, dissembling hardware and on rare occasions building or configuring new hardware as well as installing and updating software packages.

Job titles attached to a computer service technician include Field technician, ICT service technician, ICT support technician, IT support technician, IT systems technician etc.

  • Cyber Security Specialist:

A Cyber Security Specialist protects the company’s computer systems such as hardware, software, and networks from cybercriminals.

The role of this analyst is to completely understand the structure of the information technology, monitor it always and assess threats that could be a potential breach to their networks.

You need an IT-related degree for cyber security specialist jobs.

Also, experience is essential for all but graduate or assistant positions, and certifications sometimes give you an added advantage in securing a job.

Cyber security specialists enjoy excellent average salaries.

Being an expert in a difficult field can place you in a commanding career position.

Job titles associated with this include cyber security analyst, deputy director (operational cyber security), director (service operations and security), ICT risk and security specialist, ICT security analyst, ICT security specialist, information security manager, information security officer, IT security consultant etc.

  • Data Analyst:

These are professionals who serve as gatekeepers to help stakeholders understand data and make decisions using the data.

Data analysts use programming and computer software skills to complete statistical analysis of data.

One requires an undergraduate degree or master’s degree in Information Technology and Data Analysis to be a data analyst.

Job titles associated with a data analyst include academic data analyst, associate data analyst, data classification analyst, data quality analyst, digital data analyst, junior data analyst, marketing data analyst, master data analyst amongst many others.

  • Database Administrator:

This is the person who manages the database security and performance of an organization.

They are responsible for the control, maintenance, and operation of the database management system to make it easier for users to be able to access it without any difficulty whatsoever.

They are also sometimes involved in database planning and development.

One needs a degree in an IT-related field to be qualified as a database administrator.

It’s sometimes useful to also have programming experience.

Job titles attached to database administrator includes ICT database administrator, information management officer, and senior information management specialist.

  • Database Analyst:

One night think a database analyst is the same as a data analyst.

This is never true.

They are two separate professions.

A database analyst maintains data assets through very specific research and activities by designing, assessing, and implementing databases hence organizing and analyzing all collected information.

A database analyst is also known as a data modeller.

You need a degree in computer science or another IT field to be a database analyst with software development experience as an added advantage.

Job titles associated with database analysts are asset knowledge systems analyst, data analyst and information manager, database coordinator.

  • Hardware Engineer:

Also known as Computer Hardware Engineers, these professionals create the physical components that make up a computer as well as the testing of the equipment.

Note that a hardware engineer creates equipment while a computer service technician repairs and maintain the equipment.

For this field, one requires a degree in computer engineering.

Alternatively, a degree in computer science might be acceptable in some organizations.

Job titles associated with hardware engineers include computer hardware engineer, hardware test engineer, and research assistant/junior engineer.

  • Information Technology Consultant (IT Consultant):

IT consultants are professionals with IT experience who provide expert advice for a fee.

Large manufacturers of software and computing equipment as well as consulting firms often employ IT, consultants.

But mostly, these professionals are independent contractors.

Some employers require a degree in a relevant subject such as computer science and software engineering.

Also, experience gained through internships and industrial placements can be an advantage.

An IT consultant can choose to specialize in fields such as security, software for a specific market, internet solutions, or even web designing.

Job titles attached to an IT consultant include environmental management information systems (emis) consultant, ICT contracts specialist, ICT project support officer, ICT security consultant, IT consultant, Oracle application technical consultant, senior IT recruitment consultant etc.

  • Information Technology Manager (IT Manager):

IT Managers are responsible for the IT teams in an organization by leading computer-related activities.

In large organizations, the job can be mainly supervision and also helping to identify the IT needs of the organization and finally ensuring the information system requirements are fulfilled.

IT managers must hold a bachelor’s degree in computer or information science.

Some companies and organizations also hire graduate degrees for their IT Management.

Job titles attached to an IT Manager include chief technology manager, client delivery manager, ICT category manager, ICT coordinator, ICT project manager, ICT program director, ICT procurement officer, ICT resource officer, information and communication technology (ICT) officer, information technology coordinator, IT administrator.

  • Network Administrator:

A network administrator is a person responsible for organizing and maintaining computer systems concerning the local area network (LAN) all through to wide area network (WAN).

This person is mostly at the highest level of technical staff in an organization.

Installing new hardware, on-site servers, enforcing licensing agreements, software-network interactions are some of the major responsibilities of a network administrator depending on the organization.

To become a network administrator, you need to obtain a degree in an IT-related field.

High-level training in specific hardware or software used in the network is required in this area.

Job titles associated with a network administrator include ICT network and systems administrator, network and systems administrator, network infrastructure administrator.

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There are many more career opportunities associated with information technology with which we can go on and on and on.

But those listed above can be classified as the top 10 most lucrative information technology | career opportunities with very attractive salaries.

To clear one mind of doubt, listed below are other career opportunities associated with information technology;

  • Network Engineer
  • Programmer
  • Software Analyst
  • Software Developer
  • Systems Administrator
  • Systems Analyst
  • Tech Support
  • Web Developer

All the above are also great career opportunities when it comes to information technology.

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