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Application for a Job Opportunity at Alao Bizzy Express 2020/2021 [APPLY]

It might interest you to know that the application for a job opportunity at Alao Bizzy Express 2020/2021 is currently ongoing.

Are you a graduate? You will agree with me that a lot of young youth who are graduates have committed suicide due to the frustration of searching for a decent job.

Whether it’s called a job, employment or even occupation, it might interest you to know that it is a person’s role in society.

Therefore, as citizens of a Nation, the youth should be given opportunities to explore not just the knowledge acquired from the universities but to put to work their God-given talent.

The application for a job opportunity at Alao Bizzy Express was actually initiated to help a lot of young people who have genuine zeal and passion to work.

In other words, a job is an activity, it could be regular but often performed in exchange for payment.

Job opportunities at Alao BIZZY EXPRESS vary and there are different categories within the scope of business.


Over the years, Alao Bizzy Express has been known for its reputable and unmeasurable unique kind of services that have made an outstanding impact.

The company is divided into a different department, which ends up rendering services to respective clients.

The application for a job opportunity at Alao Bizzy Express requires the candidate to have afore knowledge of what Bizzy Express is all about.

The Mission

Also Bizzy Express wants to ensure the satisfactory nature of its customers, and also desire to make buying and selling easier for customers.

The Vision

  1. In the next 10-15 years, Alao Bizzy Express wants to be the best in all the respective field there render services. E.g Logistics and courier services both in Africa and the world at large.
  2. To be able to uplift at least 1000 youths from the street through the platform of job opportunities.

Therefore, the application for a job opportunity at Alao Bizzy Express 2020/2021 section is currently ongoing.

Departments at Alao Bizzy Express

There are different departments at Alao Bizzy Express that are targeted towards rendering services to all clients in different capacities.

This department includes:

  • Bizzy Express Delivery Services
  • Bizzy Express Real Estate services
  • Bizzy Express Event Planner
  • Bizzy Express E-commerce/Marketing
  • Bizzy Express Car Rental Services.

Bizzy Express Delivery Services

This department is saddled with a lot of responsibility, which has to do with courier and logistics services both within and outside Ghana.

Picking up of items and doing delivery within and outside Accra in the Expressway.

Whereas, making the transfer of money from Ghana to Nigeria easier for both indigenes and non-indigenes.

Thereby, ensuring that both the customers and the company at large maximize profit.

Bizzy Express Real Estate Service

This department is in charge of buying and selling genuine landed properties including houses in Ghana and Nigeria.

The department also helps their potential client to purchase properties that are legally owned by the owners, without any form of misunderstanding in the nearest future.

Bizzy Express Event Planner

This department has shown a high level of professionalism with proven records of their hard work and commitment towards bringing life and beauty to an event.

There are in charge of organizing and planning events for all respective customers by adding colours to their occasions and making it the talk of the town.

Bizzy Express E-commerce/Marketing

The aspect of digital marketing in our contemporary world cannot be underemphasized as long as we exist.

Growing businesses for young entrepreneurs to get potential customers for their products and helping them with the right ads and funnel in marketing their products online.

A lot of persons at this junction might want to pause and think about the services rendered by this very department.

Yes, several ideas need a little guidance and push to become the breaker.

Here, at Bizzy express e-commerce/marketing department, your business would get the necessary force that will make such a business succeed.

Such as creating a website for your business, graphics design, email marketing, coaching, podcast, sales page and running of adverts.

Bizzy Express Car Rentals

For clients who need any kind of vehicle either to convey humans or cargo, this department is in charge.

The joy of it is that, if you are within Ghana and Nigeria the services is much available for you.

Helplines would be indicated below on the application for a job opportunity at Alao Bizzy Express.

Business Locations in Ghana

  • No. 34 Jones Nelson Road Adabraka, Accra.
  • Nyayanno Road, Blue Top Junction behind Community Clinic Kasoa.
  • Airport Roundabout, Diamond Hotel Kumasi.
  • No. 1 Market Circle Road Takoradi.
  • No. 1 Ola Street Cape Coast.

Business Locations in Nigeria

  • Mile 2 Ghana Park Lagos State.
  • Blue House No. 48 along Nassarawa Abuja Road.
  • No. 3 Badawa Layout Extension Kano State.
  • Television Garage Kaduna State.
  • No. 10b Along Police Headquarter Road, Makurdi Benue State.

Job Vacancies

Some job vacancies have been stated below for your perusal;

  • Content Creator/Developer
  • Dispatch Riders
  • Secretary
  • Stock Controller

For more information call: 0244780330; 0266529019; 0264780330.

Nigerian Contact:  +2348062803868; +234801446305; +2347066187515.


Job-seeking has never been easy from inception to date, and on the premise of life experience and lessons, Alao Bizzy Express as a company has taking it upon itself to elevate young and visionary youth and make them become a vital tool in their society.

The choice is yours; you can as well visit our website

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Written by Friday Gabriel

My name is Friday Gabriel, I hold a bachelor's degree in Psychology and am a Digital Marketer by profession.
My love for the assimilation and dissemination of information can never be under-emphasized.
Am passionate about bridging the gap between frequently asked question

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