10 Importance of Student Scholarships in Ghana

10 Importance of Student Scholarships in Ghana

It has become so obvious, that the need for student scholarships in this dispensation cannot be under-emphasized and as such, the emphasis would be laid on the top 10 importance of student scholarships in Ghana.

I would have you know, that there is over 1001 importance as to why some students in Ghana needs scholarships.

The first thing every student must know about getting a scholarship is that it comes mostly based on academic merits and sometimes extra-curricular activities.

Both academic merits and extra-curricular activities will be further explained to your understanding.

But before that, the first question that pops up in the mind of a student when it comes to scholarships is: what is a scholarship?

What is a Scholarship?

When a student hears the word SCHOLARSHIP, the first thing that comes to mind might be the financial aid/help to complete one’s education.

Is this true? The answer is YES. This is very true.

It may also interest you to know that we have various types of scholarships in and from various institutions in Ghana.

Some scholarships are offered by the government, whereas others are from individuals, companies or a group of people.

Examples of the Scholarships available in Ghana are:

MasterCard Foundation Scholarship program at Ashesi University College:

The MasterCard foundation scholarship program at Ashesi University College was initiated to equip by educating and preparing young people to lead and make a positive impact in their lives and communities at large.

Africans under an economically disadvantaged community are open to this scholarship to enable them to have access to high-quality education.

For more information, you can visit the Official Website.

KNUST/MasterCard Foundation Scholarships:

The scholarship is one of the largest independent foundations in the world today, and it is situated in Canada.

The foundation makes provision for greater access to education, skills acquisition and financial assistance basically for people living below average.

In 2006, this program was enacted worldwide when it became a public company.  

The act of giving back to your communities what you have been privileged to receive through volunteerism and community service is what the program stands for.

For more information, visit the Official Website.

 GNPC Undergraduate Scholarship:

This is one of the reliable scholarships for Ghanaian students who are either pursuing their undergraduate or post-graduate studies in any of the public institutions in Ghana.


  • Applicant must be a Ghanaian
  • Must have obtained admission for any of the undergraduate or postgraduate degree.
  • Any act of submitting hard copies of application would be rejected.
  • Applications are to be done online ( ).
  • All applicant with disability are required to upload medical certificate.
  • For students who are benefactor of any other scholarship programs are not permitted to apply.

MTN Ghana Bright Scholarships:

The Mtn Bright Scholarship was categorically designed to award well-deserved students in Ghana to any level of education in Ghana through the scholarship scheme.

It is a one-year undergraduate student program at any public higher institution in Ghana.

The program provides the cost of tuition, stipends for books, accommodation and other relevant items.

For further information, you can visit the Official Website

This information only takes us back to what makes a student qualified to gain a scholarship and these are; academic excellence and extra-curricular activities as stated before.

Academic Excellence

The term academic excellence refers to the overall performance/achievement of a student in all or a particular subject.

Mostly the scholarships attached with academic excellence emphasizes a specified aggregate of a student.

Some of these aggregates could be from B.E.C.E, WASSCE or even Tertiary education results.

Extra-curricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities come in so many ways. In this case, it could be in the form of sports (football, basketball, racing etc.).

It could also be in the form of Cultural activities such as acting, dancing, etc.

When it comes to extra-curricular activities, it is voluntary.

Voluntary here means it is a choice as to whether a student will want to participate in it or not and not a must for any student.

With knowledge as to how and what makes a student qualify for a scholarship, let’s now take a look at the top 10 importance of student scholarships in Ghana.

10 Importance of Student Scholarship in Ghana

There are several student scholarships in Ghana, but a list of 10 important student scholarships has been drawn out for your perusal.

No need to work in Tertiary:

Statistics have shown that more than half of tertiary students work alongside schooling to meet up to the demands of financing for their education as well as the cost of living at the tertiary level.

With scholarships, all the extra work outside studying is removed. Instead, a student is dedicated and more focused on his/her academics.

This does not only help improve the student’s grades but also gives the student the hope of getting a better job when he/she graduates.

Promotes Philanthropist:

Winning scholarships change a student’s approach to life both mentally, physically and otherwise.

That student may grow to become more philanthropic in the future and as a result even create more scholarships for others who will end up finding themselves in his/her shoes.

Such students could also support tertiary institutions with charitable donations etc.

Access to Education is Made Easier:

Tertiary or College education is very expensive as compared to some years back.

Talented/Intelligent students from low-income families find it impossible to pursue higher education due to the cost involved.

But with scholarships, 85% of these students can complete their education and give back to society doctors, lawyers, engineers etc.

Access to More Tertiary Institutions:

In this case, whether from a rich or poor background, some tertiary institutions are off-limits without scholarships.

Examples of some of these institutions are; Harvard University, the University of Georgia amongst a few others.

With these tertiary institutions, a student can be guaranteed the very best of education.

Access to extensive support:

Among the 10 importance of student scholarships, access to extensive support is of great relevance to students in need.

Most company scholarships do not end with tuition fees but also provides all the necessary amenities a student needs to sustain his/herself throughout his/her education.

Some scholarships even go out of their way to provide pending employment for the students once they complete their education.

Boosts a Student’s Resume:

Having a scholarship on your resume serves as a plus/boost when it comes to job employment after education.

Scholarships involve thousands of applicants which mean you being awarded the scholarship makes you exceptional and also provides you with additional recognition.

Provides you with Good Network:

A good network when it comes to scholarships is one of the ignored benefits or importance of student scholarships which is also very helpful.

Scholarships provide a huge network bonus once graduated as you have coursemates and seniors in the same scholarship programme.

Job hunting becomes much easier with these contacts after school and also provides you with other academic opportunities and strong friendships with others on the same scholarship.

Gives you Experience:

Scholarships mostly from companies require you to carry out voluntary work for the company.

The place of experience in life can never be under-emphasized, which makes the concept of this scholarship process to build that database.

This tends to give you the realistic experience that will not only boost your resume but also give you a boost in your career.

Excellent Performance:

One of the 10 importance of student scholarship in Ghana is the excellent performance that comes with it.

Because most scholarships come from academics and extra-curricular activities, students on such scholarships are expected to meet up to a certain target which compels them to perform well in fear of losing their scholarships.

Helps Develop the Student’s Personality:

It is another relevant and important level for student scholarship as it helps to build up the personality trait of a student.

Fighting for a place out of the thousands that apply for the scholarship you have won, makes you stronger, energetic and more skilful.

After a student wins a scholarship, he/she is guided by very prominent, talented and knowledgeable personnel.

This helps them train and cope up with all kinds of doubts they have and makes them much more confident.


We began this article by saying “we are going to emphasize the top 10 importance of student scholarships in Ghana.”

After reading everything in this article, we hope you can now apply for scholarships without any doubts or fears.

Scholarships can help change a person’s life to the greatest extent. Do not be left out when next you hear of any scholarship opportunities available.

For more information on scholarships, please Visit Our Website.

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